Jan 252011

The route 406, 4184, 3005, 3008, 3016, 3141, 2004

Total distance 113 km

Yesterday afternoon and evening I was running around trying to find out what documents were needed to cross over the border into Malaysia but drew a blank as no one seemed to know, even the Thai Immigration office here in town said just go so this morning I was packed and at the Bangkok Bank to change a travellers cheque at 8.30 am before setting off.
Talking to the girl in the bank she said to go to Ons Restaurant where I ate last night as they knew all about crossing the border, Ons boyfriend was there and he knew all the answers, showing me how to get to the Land Transport Office to get the book translated, for anyone who wants to do this here the office is at N06.39.202 E100.05.235.
The Lady here wanted my passport and green book then she came back with some papers for me to sign and told me to come back at 11.45am to collect the translation, for this translation service I was charged the grand sum of 25 Baht.
Its a friendly helpful service here and quite good English is spoken too, another guy here was telling me where I had to go to get my registration in English plus writing down the shops name in both Thai and English and writing in Thai telling them what was needed, really nice people here

Exit Tong is the name of the shop where they do the English number plate stickers, its at N06.37.623 E100.04.099

My two number plate stickers which cost 60 Baht for the pair, hopefully the misspelling of Chiang Mai wont matter. I cancel my plans to cross over today and ride back to the hotel to reclaim my room for another night and decide to ride to the border to double check that everything is now in order

As I start to ride out of town some trees are being felled and the road is temporarily blocked off, I call in to pick up my green book and translation and hopefully now all is ok for tomorrow

Along the twisty scenic 4184, I reach the border and ask the Thai Immigration if everything is in order and to my amazement he said to just walk over to the Malaysian side to confirm with them, my passport wasnt even asked for.
The Malaysian guy said all ok and see you tomorrow, I asked about insurance and was told minimum amount of cover is for one month for 55 MYR or 570 Baht if I wished to pay in Thai currency, happy that everything was in order I rode off

I ride to the Thaleban National Park for a look around a couple of km back from the border

Then it was off to see the Ya Roi Waterfall, I ride to the end of the road and park at N06.42.556 E100.10.134 then walk up to the waterfall, some kids are playing around in the water here

The main part of the waterfall

It looks like nature is reclaiming this old abandoned vehicle

Along the 3005

I make my way back to town along some back roads then in town I unsuccessfully try to find a map of Malaysia in the bookstore but no luck, I will have to buy one over there tomorrow

There is now a Korean style buffet restaurant in Satun, something that it didnt have two years ago, its at N06.37.389 E100.04.238

The usual, plenty of pork, garlic, mushrooms and cabbage for me for 100 Baht

While I am eating I get a very attentive friend turn up and sit beside me.
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