Feb 212009

The route 406, 4137, 4010, 5025, 5014, 5008,

Total distance 181 km

I took the 406 heading north out of town for about 25 km then took a left onto the 4137

The 4137 is a crap road with roadworks for a fair way before turning into a much nicer narrower road

I take a right onto the 4010 then later a left onto the 5025 then a right onto the 5014, this is a much more pleasant road to ride on

Plenty of curves along here and well surfaced too

I take a right onto the 5008 and this takes me to Phu Pha Phet Cave

This is much more like it, some decent scenery at last

Its a very enjoyable ride to the cave on this pleasant road

I wonder if the guns for people who try to get in without paying

Its 30 Baht for entry, no dual pricing here, I watched a Thai pay the same as me, then its a steepish climb up these steps

I walk into the cave entrance then its through this small hole to proceed, the rucksack has to come off to get through this narrow opening

This is an amazing cave and I spend a good two hours inside walking around

High above theres sunlight

These stairs just seem to go forever

You certainly have to stoop to get under this one

I eventually complete the tour and walk back down to the car park

This lizard didnt seem to mind me getting very close to him

Now its time to ride home exactly the same way that I rode here and enjoy riding and taking some more photos along the 5008

Along the 4137 its starts raining very hard for about fifteen minutes so shelter was sought, on the way back down the 406 there was a big car that had crossed the central reservation and was upside down in the ditch. A few km further on and about six vehicles all smashed up together, one woman was being carried to an ambulance, no bikes involved though, there was one bike smashed up but it was a parked one hit by a car

Saturday night is market night in Satun so I go for a look around

I always expected Satun to be a very big town especially as its the provincial capital but its a small very friendly place. There are only three 7-11s in town so that should put its size into perspective

Some non muslims and they are selling pork so I have to eat some

Very nice it was too

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  1. What a very useful article. I myself is an expat in Phuket, been living here for six months and I always wondering what is it like to live or explore in the deep south of Thailand. While reading this article really gives me an insight, who knows one day I might planning to do a trip to the south and borders. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for the info , it’s clear and easily explain.and it gives a lot of help in my planning tour….you are the man captain slash , I give you thousand ” likes. “

  3. Glad you are enjoying them

  4. Thank you for uploaded useful pictures, Captain Slash. Have a good Trip.

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