Feb 222009

The route 406, 4287, 4135, 4047, hwy 4, 4145, 4054, 4243, 4113, 42, hwy 4

Total distance 386 km

I took the 406 northwards out of Satun and not far short of Rattaphum took a right onto the 4287, a road that strangely isnt on my map, it was signposted to Hat Yai and thats where it went

Part of the way along this road I take a right to go to the Ton Plio waterfall

Its quite a pleasant sight but at the gates they wanted 200 Baht, I argued the toss and he then said 40 Baht but then they spoke amongst themselves and the price went up some so I left

A pleasant ride along the road to it though

At the 4287s finish I take a right onto hwy 4 then a right onto the 4135 towards the airport and a couple of km later it was a left onto the 4047, this takes me to hwy 4 where I turn right and ride towards Sadao

I take a right onto the 4145

And after a few km this is a very pleasant road

After 23 km it stops at a few houses and here its a mixture of Muslim and non Muslims

Its time to ride back, I take a right before reaching hwy 4 and this takes me into Pedang Besar but on the Thai side.

Along the 4054 a roadside fire is being extinguished, I couldnt imagine this happening in the north as it would take thousands of them to put all the fires out

If I ever wished to get from Satun to here again I would go to the Khuan Don/Wang Kelian border crossing and ride through Malaysia exiting at Padang Besar as it would be a quicker more scenic route

I was planning on staying at Sadao but its only 2.30 and I take the 4243 east from Sadao

This soon turns out to be the best road I ride on today, its a twisty well surfaced road with good scenery

They dont come much better than this

At a t junction I turn left onto the 4113 and at Na Thawi I take a left and ride the 42 to the junction with hwy 4, the 42 is a good picturesque road but times getting on and I will be riding back this way tomorrow so I dont stop for any more photos. At the hwy 4 junction I turn right and ride into Hat yai, hopefully something that I wont ever have to do again, its not exactly paradise here. I find a Muslim restaurant just around the corner and enjoy a chicken and rice dish, no photos as I left the camera in the room. I am getting concerned at how much rice I have been eating lately, tomorrows trip hopefully will be from Hat Yai to Betong

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