Feb 092014

The route 406, 2004, 3141, 3005, 4184

Total distance 101 km
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4081.jpg
At the market this morning and I have never seen a white snapper that big before.
How many lovely fish&chips could I get out of that tasty bugger
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4082.jpg
Finding an open restaurant that served anything I fancied was a bit difficult this morning
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4084.jpg
I settled on this rather bland Chinese food for 50 Baht close to my hotel
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4095.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4094.jpg
Riding to the border and Zainnal from Malaysia stops to chat with me.
When I say I rode from Chiang Mai he immediately asks if I know Riders Corner, it seems very popular with the Malaysian riders
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4091.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4090.jpg
At the border the Thais refuse me permission to walk through to the Malaysian side to find out the bikes paperwork details.
Three years ago they willingly let me, one of the Thai guys says no problem just ride through.
Outside I ask the riders of the small bikes with English language numberplates and they direct me to this girl at N06.69730 E100.17719 who translates my plate into English and makes me a sticker up.
I ask her about insurance and she does it here for 1000 Baht for a month.
Unfortunately she thought I wanted it and printed it up, a bit of a problem as I dont have enough money on me to pay her, I show her my travellers cheques and explain I will bring it tomorrow after I have been to the bank.
She looks concerned, I guess if I dont pay then she has to.
I leave her my mobile as security and she seems happy with this
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Satun 9/2/2014-img_4088.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4087.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4086.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4085.jpg

Satun 9/2/2014-img_4097.jpg
At the market again for tonights food and theres a restaurant here at N06.61667 E100.06612 that does a nice chicken massaman
Satun 9/2/2014-img_4098.jpg
35 Baht and very nice too


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