Dec 142009

The route 323, 3457, 3199

Total distance 222 km

It was cold and foggy in Sangkhlaburi at 7 am this morning

I left at around 9 oclock by which time the temperature had risen plus the fog had lifted so visibility wasnt a problem

The 323 is a great winding twisty road between Sangkhlaburi and Thong Pha Phum

Most of the Thai tourists left last night so I mostly have the road to myself

The sign for this place said Pom Pee Viewing

I stop at the Kroeng Krawia waterfall

Surprisingly theres no charge for this

Then some more of this wider now good fun road, a bit further along on a bendy bit a pick up truck swerves and doesnt miss me by too much, I had to smile when I saw that he had swerved to avoid running over a snake, rather ironic I thought

I stop at the 7-11 outside Thong Pha Phum and a new friend comes along, this one keeps getting food given by visitors to the 7-11 so probably doesnt know what going hungry is all about

At Nam Tok I stop to look at the Sai Yok Nai waterfall

No improvement on the spelling around here

This brings back memories of years ago in England, towing another motorbike. My most memorable one was when I had a Yamaha XT550 and my Mate a Yamaha XS 650, the 650 broke down in Birmingham over 200 km away so I had to tow it back. These two were really moving, that Wave must have been getting a real hammering

I take a left onto the 3457

A pleasant twisty road that takes me to the 3199, here I take a right and ride to Kanchanaburi. Its nice and early so its a shower, change of clothes then off for another good massage, Z was five minutes away from finishing her massage so not long to wait for mine

A hot and spicy chicken tandoori for tonights meal, with some onion of course

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