Jan 182008
I took the 323 out of Sangkhlaburi as far as Thong Pha Phum then took the 3272 to Ban I Tong and the Burmese border

A few ks out of Thong Pha Phum on the 3272

Its a great road for about 40 km with hardly any traffic at all and some good curves

There is this scenic area stop about 15-20 km before the end of the road

Its all finished here now, four years ago it was just dirt, nothing like this

The road is now a lot narrower for the last 25 km, plus its a slow ride now as the surface is covered in dirt and sand so take good care if you come up here

What the road looses is more than made up for with the views

I ride through Ban I Tong and a couple of kms further on is the Burmese border, but here is definitely no admittance, there is a major gas pipeline runing from just over the border

The guard walks with me just through the border, the road runs into Burma as far as I can see

The gas installation, I meet a couple of westerners who work on the gas project back in Ban I Tong, one of them lives here at the complex just over the border and the other one at the nearest village away in Burma, he said about 60 km out from here. They said security is very tight here because of this gas pipeline

A couple more photos of the Burmese countryside

I go back through the village then do a right onto a dirt track to go up to the army outpost on the hill

The views from up here are magnificent

Ban I Tong from above

Its now time to ride back down from the army camp and get going

Heading back to Thong Pha Phum

I can see the edge of the reservoir even from here only about 5 km from the Burma border

A pleasant enough trip out here, the surface is good quality all the way its only the shit on the surface which makes the last 25 km a bit tricky. I get back on the 323 and head back to Kanchanaburi

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