Dec 132009

The route 323

Total distance 105 km

I took an early morning stroll across the two bridges here in Sangkhlaburi

The pictures are back up now showing the flooding of a few years back when the wooden bridge was under water

Plus when the water level drops the submerged temple is fully out of the water

A section of the bridge is being replaced

Back across the bridges and this cute puppy is put on a table by the owner

Time for breakfast and I eat this moo hunglay at the market, it was about the worst moo hunglay that I have ever had the misfortune to eat

I take a left out of town to just look around

Already burning at this rubber plantation

Now its the 323 to the Three Pagoda Pass

The borders been closed now for at least two years

I ride back taking a left

A pleasant narrowish twisty road that leads to a waterfall thats a 1 km walk

I ride to the end of the road but dont walk to the waterfall so turn back

A bit further back along the 323 and I stop at the river where lots of Thais are enjoying themselves

The guys fixing a puncture

Strange place to park the bikes

Back in Sangkhlaburi and finally there is a 7-11, something that I never thought would happen, perhaps theres hope for one in Umphang now

Spaghetti with meatballs tonight at my guest house, 50 Baht for this and it was good too

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