Jan 172008
I took the road up to the three pagoda pass today, I had already been told that the border was not open, but that proved to be a help to getting in rather than a hindrance

No entry here for vehicles today

I noticed lots of motorbikes going along a track so I thought lets follow

Here I am riding my bike in Burma, I never expected to get this far but there were no soldiers anywhere today

This is my first trip to Burma for about four days and I was having withdrawal symptoms

These were all taken whilst riding along as I didnt want to get stopped

I rode to the other end of town but as I didnt have my balaclava with me to hide the white face I didnt want to go too far plus the road wasnt so good now so I turned back

Lots of signs are in English here

Me on the bike in Burma

The closed border from the Burmese side

I was not hassled once today and nobody seemed at all surprised to see a Foreigner on a big bike riding here

I stopped here to take the picture and a policeman came out and chatted with me, he didnt seem bothered at all that I was there. In fact it was only some Thais in four wheel trucks doing the crossing that didnt seem to like me doing the same thing and suggested that I went back

The road back to Thailand

If you want to try it about 1 or 2 km before the border you turn left just after this sign

Heres one of the 4 wheel trucks that I passed coming out of Burma, just go down here

I started back towards Sangkhlaburi then turned left for the waterfall but whereas last year it was deserted now the ranger is there to collect the fee

Piss taking bastards shove it up your arse

Especially when you see this there, its not even worth 20 Baht let alone 200

Its a pleasant winding track down to it though

The very versatile bamboo, notice how everything is from the bamboo tree, even the tying together was done with strips cut from it

Away they go

Towards the end of this road I see this rubber processing place that I didnt notice last year

I decide to take a walk across the bridges late in the afternoon

There are loads of photos up on the wall, I didnt realise that in the wet season the wooden bridge going over to the Mon village was submerged sometimes

Here the temple that gets completely submerged is completely out of the water, I really must get up here at the height of the dry season one year

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