Nov 192008

Today was a day off from riding, I needed to get some welding done as my rack snapped on one side yesterday, I went to one of the Honda shops and one of the staff took me to an accessory shop that did it for me, it took them an hour and only cost me 200 Baht, no complaints from me

A walk around the market looking for breakfast and I saw this Thai culinary delight, it nearly put me off my appetite, I would put this lot straight in the dogs bowl

A view from the roof of my hotel of Nong Han, Thailands largest natural lake

I go out walking and walk through Saphang Thong Park, the east side of the city is just water stretching for kms

I didnt think the scooter was actually going to pull away, there were four of them on it

Nong Han, my Lonely Planet book says dont swim in it (not that I would want to anyway) as its infested with liver flukes which can cause a nasty liver infection known as opisthorchiasis. The villages around the lake have recorded among the highest incidences of opisthorchiasis in the world, since many of the villagers eat snails gathered from water plants in the lake. These snails play host to the flukes, which bore through human or animal skin and breed in the internal organs

Some bird among the water plants, there is a large pipeline going out to the lake which draws water in for the provincial water supply, I was suddenly thinking that I have been brushing my teeth with water from this lake since I have been here, oh well

A short walk and I am at the aquarium and crocodile pen, this fish would certainly make a few meals

There were two crocodiles there

But only one of them seemed to be awake

At the other end of town there is a rice mill, theres absolutely tons of the stuff here

The start of the process dropping down beneath the floor

Then its up and down the machine for a while

Looking at all the cobwebs everywhere they must clean this place about as often as I clean my bike, I am probably exaggerating there they probably clean it about three times as often as I clean my bike

The end product coming out the colour it should be

Theres 98 kilos in these sacks and the guy down below just takes them on his shoulder, sod that, in the UK we used to carry cement in 50kilo bags but its all 25kilos now and thats plenty

The pure stuff, Thai fragrant rice or Jasmine rice whichever name you prefer, the finest tasting rice in my opinion

I though at first everyone was being ripped off for 1kg but apparently its in 49 or 98 kg bags not 50 and 100 as I would have expected. Today was an enjoyable day and I capped it off by finding a nice massage shop and enjoying a 2 hour Thai massage

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