Nov 182008

The Route 213, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042, 2370, unknown, 2136, 4043, 2291

Total Distance 367km

I left town heading west on the 213 and about 5km later took a left onto the 2339

Quite a few bends on this road

A good start today on more fun roads than I expected out here

I reach the 2287 and take the left turn towards Dong Luang, I dont get far before the sky darkens and it starts raining hard, I aint going back so its a wet ride for a while

A lovely S bend but unfortunately its too wet to really enjoy it

After a few kms it looks lighter in the distance

Back to dry roads again, the 2287 was not the sort of road I expected to find out here in Isaan, its hilly and twisty. Before Dong Luang I take a right onto the 2292 and follow this until I reach a T junction with a dual carriageway thats marked on my map as the 2042 but has signs saying 12 all along it, the km posts are still there saying 2042 though. I follow this to Nong Sung then take a left onto the 2370

The 2370 is a much more interesting road than the last two have been

Some decent bends again

About 15 km out of Nong Sung I take a right onto an unnumbered road

Its a bit potholed here and there

In the distance I can see my destination, I come to a T junction with the 2136 and take a right for about 5km then its another right onto the 4043 to ride up to the chedi

The 4043 goes past the chedi for about another 10kms to the botannical gardens, this is a shot from the very far end

I stop at the botannical gardens but everything is only written in Thai and I dont have a lot of time to spare wandering around so its this one shot then off to the chedi

Looking out from the chedis grounds

The entrance looks a lot more elaborate than when I first visited here in december 2001, I was staying with a friend whose home is only 5km from here back then and when we visited all of the outside was just concrete plus the first two floors inside were the same. The top was the only place here then that was finished

The 1st floor looks really great now

The 2nd floor by comparison is very plain and not decorated as well

As I ascend it gets better

Now comes the difficult part, climbing those bloody stairs

Right at the top

A good view from up high

I make my way back the way I came to Nong Sung but take the 2142/12 in the opposite direction to Kuchi Narai, theres a few good spots on it like the above picture but otherwise its not particularly interesting. At Kuchi Narai I turn right onto the 2291 and just after Khao Wong I turn right to ride the other section of the 2287

Back on the 2287 and its sort of mountainous again, definitely the best road I have been on today and again today apart from the road going up to the chedi they were all new roads for me

Wow theres actually a machine at work out here, I half expected to see them threshing it by hand

The best road in the area

A real fun road this one and in good condition too

I ride the 2287 to its finish and rejoin the 2339 and return home the same way that I left. I underestimated how long it would take to get home and its a ride in the dark for the last 30 or so km

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