Feb 122010

The route 223, 2358, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042/Hwy 12, 2370, Unknown, 2136, 2169, 202, 2043, 2227, 2083, 2168, 226

Total distance 399 km

I head out along the 223 than take a right onto the 2358, quiet pleasant roads once off the main road, not much water flowing in this river

I take a left onto the 2339 and stop at this small reservoir, again not a lot of water in it

Theres some decent bends along this road

A great road both surface wise plus the corners make it a fun roadand if anyone thinks that Isaan is all flat and boring then ride this road

I take a left onto the 2287

Its a bit hazy now

This is another real bendy road that goes on for a long time

Its certainly dry out here but no fires which is a real bonus

The new tapioca crop is being planted

They just poke it into the dry soil and it grows anywhere

I take a right onto the 2292 then at the 2042/hwy 12 I take a right and ride to Nong Sung, here I take a left onto the 2370

Some good bends again on this road

After about fifteen km I take a right onto an unnumbered road

Maha Chedi Chai Mong Khon in the distance but I dont visit today

A closer view

I reach the 2136 and take a left onto it then at its finish I take a right onto the 2169 and ride to Yasothon, its gotta be the hottest day since I got here today and I am really hot this afternoon. At Yasothon I take the 202 for about fifteen km then at a crossroads its a left onto the 2043 which becomes the 2227 along the way

At a T junction I take a right onto the 2083

Plenty of rice growing along here

At Rasi Salai I take a left onto the 2168 and along here it looks like a real big snake has been mangled up

Closer inspection reveals theres at least five of them so I guess they fell out of a vehicle and were already dead. I ride into town and go straight to Franks to eat but he is closing early and cant cook for me tonight, bugger. I ask him where Ginos new burger place is but I am told that its closed already and Gino is back in the US

I check in at my usual hotel then on the way to eat this elephant is walking around the city

Oh well it has to be trusty old KFC tonight then, I am just glad that I didnt go there in Sakon Nakhon last night

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  1. Hello Captain Slash. I just discovered your website (linked from GT-rider). It is also a great place to get trip informations. I will bookmark it for my visits.
    I have a “cultural” blog but will probably also add a biking chapter once.
    See you again here or on GTR!

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