Nov 212008

The Route 223, 2358, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042, 212, 2034, 2242, 202, 2112, 2134, 2222, 217

Total Distance 450km

The trips are getting longer, today was my highest ever km on the Phantom. I left Sakon Nakhom after four pleasant nights there, a very friendly place I found it to be. I took the 223 heading towardsThat Phanom then about 15km out took a right onto the 2358, not a road that I would recommend, it wasnt particularly pleasant but I had to find out. This joins the 2339 and at the junction I took the left and this road takes me to the 2287 where again I took the left turn to enjoy another ride along the best road around here but this time in the dry. A right was taken onto the 2292 and when I came to the 2042 I took the left and rode into Mukdahan, I turned left onto the 212 to go and look at the Friendship bridge

It was four years ago when I was last here and only in the construction stage then, I noticed that the current in the Mekong is very strong here

I ride back to Mukdahan and take the 2034 to Don Tan then the 2242 to Khemarat. Somewhere along here a snake came out into the road just in front of me, its one of the ones that seem to move very fast on tarmac and they are hard to catch with the camera as they dont seem to stop. This one slid between my bike wheels then shot off across the grass into a garden

Unfortunately the poor thing was soon chased by about ten adults and kids with sticks and it took about 15 minutes before they finally caught it and flicked it back into the road, I was surprised that they didnt kill it

I imagine that this one is venemous by the way they all kept a good distance away from it, anyone know its name? finally it got back to the other side of the road from where it first emerges and than a chicken seemed to run after it and was pecking around near it. I expected to see the chicken killed but it didnt happen, the snake then disappeared and the days fun was over

The 2242, this runs into the 202 and a bit further on its a left onto the 2112

This is a nice road in most places but a shyte section with lots of potholes was also experienced

The 2112 takes me nearly into Khong Chiam and its a left onto the 2134 which takes me right in

The confluence of the Mekong and Moon rivers, the water is way up on what I have ever seen here before. I take the 2222 then the 217 to Ubon and check in at the River Moon Guesthouse

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