Feb 132009

The route Hwy 4, 4091, 1007, 6011, 1007, 4091, Hwy 4

Total distance 179 km

I took hwy 4 north for about 28 kms then took a right onto the 4091

A narrowish but very twisty road

Plus the good scenery thats in abundance in this province

After 12.8 km the 4091 turns right and will become the 4139, I carry on ahead on an unnumbered road for 1.9 km then take a left onto the 1007, this is a wider road but straight it most certainly isnt

After 9.9 km I take a right onto the 6011 and this road starts off the way it remains, excellent

After 5 km possibly its the end of the 6011 as theres a blue road sign here but no number on it, the km marker now shows I have 18 km to go on this new road

A little bit of a cave in already

Three years ago I rode this road but back then tarmac wasnt on it and its my opinion that this road has only been completed recently and only seen one wet season at the most, I remember having to take off my sunglasses as it was like riding at night with them on as it was in a bamboo forest and I was completely shielded by the trees, this was part of the dark section back then

When you can see the scenery its stunning but a lot of the time its riding amongst the trees

I reach the highest point and stop in the shade for a break and a snack

I knew that I was heading in the right direction to be on this road that I was looking for but at the peak I knew for certain as in the above photo right in the centre at the top of the trees you can see the hole in the cliff

After 14.3 km this brilliant piece of tarmac finishes

But this isnt that bad to ride on

1.5 km later and its a concrete road

I am nearing those cliffs so the crossroads cant be far away, after 19.5 km in total since I got on the 6011 I reach the crossroads. I cant seen to find out exactly where this crossroads is, 1 km down the road the Police Station says Nasak Police Station but who knows

I turn round and ride back enjoying it the way I first did three years ago, this is how I remember it starting off, but back then my map only showed a road, I didnt have a number to go by so didnt know that I was not on the 4139 that I should have been on

This 1.5 km unmade section is still the same too, it never ceases to amaze me how a small section doesnt get finished, especially as this would be a very easy section to finish, all the hard work has been done up in the hills

From my memory this is where it was a steep rocky section and I had the Bms fan running non stop climbing up it

Finally I am on the downwards slope, I never in my wildest dreams ever expected to see this road asphalted as when I rode here 17th feb 2006 it was a rocky then a muddy track finally just a hard surface and it must have taken them ages to transform it into this lovely road. I only wish that I had some photos from then but sadly I didnt have a digital camera and I never bothered taking any, it would be good to look at the now and then pictures

Just one non stop bend, this road also climbs a lot higher that either the 4139 or the 4006 does, I guess a GPS device would have been a useful tool today as this road probably isnt on any map and who knows I might even be the first GT Rider to ride and photograph it

I reach the 1007 and turn right to ride to hwy 4

Not far along here its a nice new shiny surface

Then its back to the old surface which is a bit potholed in places

I reach hwy 4 and turn round to enjoy these twisty backroads a second time

At the end of the 1007 its a right onto the 4091 and a fun ride to hwy 4 where I turn left and ride home.

Well todays highlight was finding and riding the 6011/? now that its been properly surfaced, a lot of people only visit Ranong to do a visa run, theres more here than that, some dam fine roads to start with

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