Feb 102009

The route Hwy 4, 4006, 41, 4139, 4014, 4139, 4091, Hwy 4

Total distance 230 km

I took hwy 4 heading south for about 30 kms then took a left onto the 4006, and then the fun started here

The 4006 starts off looking good

Then it just explodes into a fun packed ride for the entire 70 kms of its well surfaced length

I read somewhere that Ranong is Thailands wettest province and it sure is green and beautiful around here

Theres loads of these along this road

And a couple of rollercoasters too

I rode this fantastic road once before three years ago and I had forgotten just how brilliant it was, I was not in possession of a digital camera in those days so these are my first pictures of it

The last picture of the awesome 4006, its fun packed right up until it meets the 41, I turn left and ride about 18 kms before taking a left onto the 4139

The 4139 is nothing for the first 20 kms then it just opens up and its around here that I see the hole in the cliffs

I am now riding between these cliffs for a fair few kms

Fantastic scenery on both sides of me

At a crossroads I take a left onto the 4014 signposted to La-Un. This is confusing as three years ago I rode along here on my way to Ranong and at the crossroads I went straight over and the road narrowed and finished, I was told it was the way to La-Un so I carried on up a rocky track then through mud before riding a long way on unmade tracks. I finally reached hwy 4 and as I didnt have a decent map then I assumed it was an unmade road. Today it was a totally different outcome, even though my new Thinknet map shows it turning into an unmade road I finished the entire trip on tarmac

I ride along the 4014 for a few kms then at a crossroads take a right and I am back on the 4139 again

And this is another one of those undiscovered gems that need riding more often

The scenery through here is just something else

Todays ride is definitely one of the best loops that I have ever rode, if youre reading this KZ get down here and try it out, its in your area

I finally reach the 4091 at La-Un and take a left, this is a twisty road but I will ride it again and photograph it then in its entirety, at the junction with hwy 4 I take a left and ride home.

Todays ride had everything, brilliant roads and scenery, not a lot of traffic either, anyone staying in Ranong really needs to try this route out, or if youre based on the east coast do the loop from that way, its certainly well worth it

I try a new restaurant out tonight as its got a varied menu

Quite a few pasta dishes and pizzas as well, this spaghetti Bolognese was quite nice

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  1. Colin,I did this loop yesterday and it was great!
    I also did a small beach loop,comeing up the 41 I turned right onto the 4096 – 4198 then back to the 41.
    Before turning onto the 4139 I stoped at a big ptt -7/11 and it had a indoor eating area,also the first of the digital air pumps I have seen.
    Happy trails,Al

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