Jan 222011

The route 4005, 4001, 4091, 1007, 6011, 4014, 4139, 5023

Total distance 185 km

Out along the 4005 and that looks a bit of a tricky climb

A shot from along the 4001

The 1007 is another fun twisty road

At the start of the 6011 and this looks at first like a giant km marker but I have no idea what it says

I saw coffee out drying everywhere today

The start of the brilliant 6011s bends, I am riding it from the opposite direction today

This road doesnt seem to be on maps but at least its been recorded by gps and the track is available

This road is just one continuous bend

Visibility isnt so good this morning and the hole in the cliff is not visible for the first time that I have ridden along here

At the crossroads at N10.12.561 E098.56.037 I take a right onto the 4014 and along here as I look to my left the hole is now visible

I reach the 4139 and turn left onto it to ride a section of it that I have never been on before

I reach where the 4139 splits then turn around to ride its entire length back towards Ranong

The 4139 is another fun twisty hilly road

I take a left onto an unnumbered road that goes for a few km then turns to dirt at N10.01.995 E098.52.350, as its saturday lots of kids out playing, this bunch were very friendly, as soon as I got the camera out they quickly grouped together for the photo

I ride back then before reaching the 4139 take a left and now I am on the 5023 which takes me back to the 4139 where this old Kawasaki looks a bit neglected

A bit of a garden centre here

Lots of barking pups here

Plus a barking bigger one

Todays loop is an awesome ride and anyone staying in Ranong wont be disappointed riding this one

Theres plenty of these along here

Ranong might not be at the top of peoples provinces for riding but believe me it possesses a few goodies

I reach the end of the 4139 turn left onto the 4091 and ride home the way I left after a real good days ride

Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread for 125 Baht at Sophons Hideaway tonight.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. We rode part of this route yesterday heading north from Ranong. They are doing some roadworks at the beginning near the hot springs which is looking 50% completed.

    We did see fuel along from Ranong to Bang Pra Tai but didn’t actually ride the loop (the weather was horrible).


  2. is there any gas station in the 185km route ? I am riding a Duke 690 .. my range is about 150 to 190km max ..

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