Feb 142009

The route Hwy 4, 401, 4090, Hwy 4

Total distance 308 km

It was finally away from Ranong after five good fun days there, I left heading south on hwy 4

This is a good fun ride for over 100 km until I turn off

Its a great surface and plenty of bends to keep it interesting

And as I am riding in the wettest province in the Kingdom the scenery is good too

I take a left onto the 401 just before Takua Pa and about 15 km later its a right onto the 4090, the surface is not potholed but very bumpy for a few kms

Then its a nice surface

With lots of bends to enjoy

Always those green hills to look at

This is one enjoyable ride today, theres a bit of breeze and its a perfect riding temperature

I reach what says hwy 4 and I turn left onto it

This narrow road eventually meets the proper hwy 4 but now its a tight twisty road through great scenery

Its been three years since I last rode this fantastic trip and now I remember why I always enjoy this route so much

I stop to take a walk through here

The view from the inside

The scenery is like this until I reach hwy 4 the main road, here I stop for petrol and for the first time since leaving Chumphon I am actually able to get gasohol 91. I find it totally strange that its not available at any of the countless garages around Ranong or along hwy 4, only benzine 91, diesel and gasohol 95 are available there. Highway 4 is still a very scenic route all the way to Krabi with loads more of those lovely cliffs for a long way down

Its one of the nicest burgers that I have eaten for a very long time for tonights eat, 135 Baht for this very tasty filling meal at Good Dream Guest House/Restaurant, I am not staying here as they are already full, with good food like that on offer I am not surprised either

I stay at Siboya guesthouse and its safe secure parking here alright

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  1. Cool blog picture thinger.  especially like the picture of the burger…   haha, I’m the owner / manager of Good Dream… happy you enjoyed the food… looks like you were / are on quite an adventure…


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