Jan 212011

The route Hwy 4, 4006, Unknown, 41, 4139, 6011, 1007, 4091

Total distance 249 km

First thing this morning was breakfast at the Muslim Restaurant at N09.57.858 E098.38.043

In preparation for my forthcoming trip into Malaysia I have a lovely chicken massaman for breakfast, I do like the southern thai hot fiery food a hell of a lot more than the other stuff, 40 Baht for this nice meal

On the wall of the restaurant was this copy of the Kings birth certificate, his picture is everywhere but I dont remember seeing this anywhere before

Time to set off, I take hwy 4 south for about 25 km then take a left onto the 4006 and what a scenic twisty road this is

At N09.45.529 E098.40.784 I take a right onto an unnumbered road and ride 5.5 km to the end of the asphalt road at N09.43.778 E098.40.995, from here its a 200 metre walk to the Heo Lom Waterfall at N09.43.740 E098.40.902

This one has a reasonable flow

Where the spray is wetting those rocks they are very slippery

Theres quite a flow to the stream from what was coming down the waterfall

Time to walk back

More twists along the 4006

I reach the 41 turning left onto it and thankfully only ride along it for about 15 km before turning left onto the 4139 and the limestone cliffs are soon in sight

At N10.12.561 E098.56.037 I reach a crossroads and go straight over onto an unnumbered concrete road and 3.7 km later it turns to asphalt and becomes the brilliant 6011

5 years ago when I first rode this it was a dirt track through dense bamboo forests, 2 years ago on my second ride it was asphalt apart from a short unpaved section, today its paved throughout with lots of these bends along itslength

Its steep in places too and the asphalt section runs for 16.1 km until it meets the 1007 at N10.10.457 E098.47.621, I will ride it again tomorrow in the opposite direction to then loop back on the also great 4139

I turn right onto the 1007 to ride this twisty but potholed road as far as hwy 4, and colour along here

I didnt know this was also coffee country around here

Ranong province, just greenery, getting a fire going would be hard work around here

At the junction with hwy 4 I turn around and ride the entire length of the 1007 then take the 4091 back to hwy 4

Somebody asked on here recently if Ranong was worth a visit and was told no, I disagree and the above photo should confirm my view, theres lots of this around here

Fish&chips at Sophons Hideaway tonight for 155 Baht, very tasty but I was a bit disappointed at the small portion.
Get the gdb file here …

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