Feb 112009

The route Hwy 4, 4006, Unknown, 4006, Hwy 4, 1020, Hwy 4

Total distance 141 km

I took hwy 4 southwards for about 30 kms then a left onto the 4006 and after a few kms I took a right onto an unnumbered road signposted for Haew Loam Waterfall

This is a very pleasant ride even though its only six kms to the waterfall

Its this lush greenery around here that is just so pleasing to the eye

As I arrive at the roads end a couple were just leaving and I have the place to myself, its a 200 metre walk along this path to get to the waterfall

I must also try to visit Ranong in november this year to hopefully see a lot more water

All of a sudden I have company, these people are all on a firms outing, they all work for Isuzu and are on a day trip from Chumphon

Time to ride back along this delightful road

Back on hwy 4 and just before Ranong to my left is a sign saying Grass Hill and Bald Mountain

From the road I thought I could ride to the top but theres no way I could encourage the Phantom up there

Thats a lot steeper than it looks plus its badly rutted, so its a hot walk up there, even with shorts and sandals on it was a very hot hard climb and I was relieved to reach the top

The views from the top made the climb worth it though

On maximum zoom my bike doesnt look too far away

But on normal it looks quite far away

More great views

I start to ride back and take the 1020 to my left

Another good fun road

It goes down to water and I turn round and ride home

I ate at Sophon’s Hideaway again tonight, I ordered a lasagne but they didnt have any so it was their pizza which was very good

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