Mar 162009

The route Hwy 4, 1037, 4030, 3218, 1052, 3301, 3410, 3175, Hwy 4

Total distance 224 km

Time to vacate Prachuap Khiri Khan, this is a lovely quiet little town for a break at the seaside, its much preferable to Chaam or Hua Hin in my opinion

I took hwy 4 to Pran Buri and here took a left onto the 1037 to ride to the Pran Buri Dam

A pleasant enough ride along here

Some Thai guy was diving for something

The crystal clear views from a week ago when I was in Surat Thani have sadly gone now

Not much breeze coming off the water today and its baking hot here

I carry on and after a few km the road is unmade until I take a left onto the 4030 and now I am riding north parallel to hwy 4, this road becomes the 3218 and I ride on untilI reach a crossroads where I do a left onto the 1052

Just along here its another newly finished building in bright colours

Some good bends along here and hills too, I see some signs for the winery along this road, I guess thats the one that Blue Max visited recently

I come to a crossroads and its straight across onto the 3301

This is a good road

I ride along to where the new dam has been built that I pictured on the way down, the new road has advanced in construction, I guess it needs to be finished soon because when the rainy season comes the existing one will soon be under water permanently. At the 3301s end I take a right onto the 3410 and at this roads end its the 3175 to hwy 4 then on to Petchaburi

I check in at the Rabieng guest house the same as before, its only 2.30 and I am completely knackered now, it must be the heat that I havent been getting used to in the south so I enjoy an hours kip. Afterwards a cold shower wakes me up then I go and enjoy the same pork/pasta meal that I ate here the last time I stayed

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