Feb 082009

The route Hwy4, 3459, Unknown, 3374, 3411, 3253, 3201, 3180

Total distance 230 km

It was hwy 4 for about 60 kms to start with, this bird is one of the few things of note along here

This picture perfectly sums up hwy 4

I take a left onto the 3459 and ride to Ban Krut then do a right and ride along the beach on an unnumbered road

It was a very pleasant ride along here today, a nice shade from riding amongst trees plus the cool breeze coming off the sea meant I wasnt too hot

I reach the 3374 and now its some very pleasant roads for the rest of the journey

Good quality tarmac and plenty of greenery was had today

At a crossroads I go straight across and now I am on the 3411

Another good road

At a t junction its a left onto the 3253

I never imagined that these roads would be this good, anything is better than the boredom of highways so I took these backroads as a way of avoiding hwy 4 but a great outcome. At Pathio I take the 3201 then at a t junction its a left onto the 3180 and into Chumphon

I find a restaurant with lots of Italian food on the menu so its a pizza tonight

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