Mar 152009

Today is possibly the first time since buying the Phantom on 3rd november that I havent ridden it, it was two legs and not two wheels today

A walk north from the hotel to climb up there to start with

Plenty of monkeys around even down here, I was told at the hotel about a tourist who got badly bitten recently, apparently he was carrying bananas and when a monkey tried to grab them he wouldnt let go and got bitten for his troubles

No problems from any of these but I was carrying a bamboo cane just in case, I wasnt the only one carrying a bamboo so perhaps the monkeys are a problem sometime

A view of the bay from part way up

Finally reached the top, my legs are acheing and I am completely knackered

Some views from the top

Now that would have been a much easier way of getting up here. A guy at my hotel said this climb is easy and theres a much more difficult climb up the cliffs that takes ages, if this one was his idea of easy then bollocks to doing the other one

Still a fair way to descend

That was hard work climbing up there I can tell you

This monkey has got a cigarette lighter in his hands

Whether hes drinking the gas or not I dont know

Its a walk along the beach southwards now to go to the Air Force Base and Manao Bay

I get stopped and told I am not allowed to walk along the beach past the base so I walk inland

These four old planes are side by side, apparently theres a musuem here but both people who told me about it couldnt find it and neither could I

Three shots of Manao Bay

The water is very shallow here and I walk out for a way

I walk back past the base completely unchallenged and it makes for a much shorter walk, I get back to my room completely worn out and tired

Its a Korean style cook your own buffet tonight, brilliant value at 79 Baht for as much as you want

I really enjoy these sometimes for a change, I am eating native but never have to send it back because some twat has put coriander on the food despite being asked not to

I have eaten sticky rice before and ice cream before but this is the first time that I have ever eaten them together, quite pleasant too.

Well I foolishly thought that I would leave the bike indoors today and take it easy, easy it certainly wasnt, its a darn sight easier letting the bike do the work. I was walking all day in shorts and with salt water on my legs for a while and as I write this its starting to burn a bit despite it not being a really sunny day. Hopefully the bike starts alright tomorrow after its longest lay up yet since I bought it, thats if I can remember where I left it after this long

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