Jan 182011

The route Hwy 4, 3187, 3175, 3410, 3301, 1052, 4030, 1037, Unknown, 1001, 1021, 4020,

Total distance 229 km

I took hwy 4 for about 15 km then took a right onto the 3187 to ride alongside the irrigation canal, what a relief after the horrible hwy 4.
Somewhere along the 3410 I take a left to view a cliff and here its the entrance to something but nothing shows on my map or gps, theres a few monkeys running around here

The Khao Tao Mo Reservoir but not much water in it

The cliff I came to view that could be seen from afar

A nice twisty road is the 3410

I stop at the reservoir that was only started two years ago at the beginning of the 3301

Its filled up a lot more this wet season than it did in the last one and another good one should see it reach capacity

Its getting really hazy now and the worst that I have seen this trip

The 3301 reaches a crossroads and I go straight across onto the 1052

I take a right onto the 4030 and some colour along here

At N12.29.962 E099.51.033 I take a right onto the 1037 and at the junction the surface turns to unpaved

0.7 km later at N12.29.857 E099.50.652 its back to an asphalt surface

The Pran Buri Reservoir which is a good 10 metres down from full, I dont remember seeing it this low before

I carry on along the 1037 but as that leads back to hwy 4 I take a right onto an unnumbered road that runs alongside an irrigation canal, its a good asphalt surface to start with then turns to unpaved at N12.20.413 E099.49.787 for 2.2 km until it reaches the 1001 at N12.19.345 E099.50.156.
I turn left onto the 1001 and now back on asphalt I ride to hwy 4 where I cross straight over and I am now on the 1021

Plenty of cliffs now through the haze, I reach the 4020 and turn right onto it

Along the 4020 and some Thais are paying their respects here

I am into coconut territory now

The haze is getting worse, I will need my fog lights on soon

A sign pointing to my right says Khao Daeng Temple and boat trips so I ride down to visit

And off they go

Wat Khao Daeng at N12.08.116 E099.57.669

Where the boats disappeared too, hopefully the didnt get lost in the haze, one thing I have noticed today is that it has actually warmed up and my pullover was not required under my jacket this morning, hopefully the heat is back to stay

Further along and its not so hazy anymore

Plenty of monkeys along the roadside today

I saw lots of farms for these along this road and lots of them being sorted out here

One shot of the beach as I have been riding alongside it for a while today, I reach hwy 4 turning left onto it and ride along it for only 22 km before I reach my destination of Prachuap Khiri Khan, not bad only about 35 out of 229 km were on it, perhaps next time I can work out total avoidance of it
I check in at the Yutichai Hotel at N11.48.478 E099.47.742 my usual and still at 160 Baht for a single room

I eat at Krua Chaiwat N11.48.057 E099.47.901 and 60 Baht for this, so I eat two

They also have the ice cream menu so 49 Baht purchased one of these.
Get the gdb file here …

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