Mar 082011

The route Hwy 4, 3349, 3510, 2051, 3123, 3206, 3313, 3087, 4025, 3274, 4011, 3209, 3228, 3305

Total distance 237 km

An early morning visitor lurking in my room

A few km on hwy 4 then its a left onto the 3349 and a much quieter more scenic route

I was away before 7.30am and not a long ride today so time to explore a bit

I take a left onto the 2051 which my gps shows as linking back to the 3206

This very playful friendly dog soon finds me

There are some new asphalt roads out along this bit which dont show on the gps, a proper gps survey of the Kanchanaburi area will be carried out next holiday as I dont have time this trip

One of the buildings that I could see from a distance

This was the other one at N13.12.821 E099.39.862

Sitting on Huai Phu Sai

Along the 3510

I take a left onto the 3123 and along here is the Wang Plachon Reservoir

All the off shoots of asphalt in this area just suddenly stop and turn to unpaved, as I have all my luggage on board I am not exploring them today

I am riding back towards the 3206 when at N13.14.701 E099.39.236 the surface turns to unpaved and I chuck up a nice dust cloud, it stays like this for 2.1 km until I reach the 3206 at N13.15.035 E099.38.231 then its asphalt for the rest of todays ride

Now for the enjoyable 3206

Its greener along this bit than I expected and theres places where grass is growing that was burning on my way down 7 weeks ago, I find out later in the day that there have been some storms since I was here then and thats why

Last week I got my second puncture in the Airhawk seat cushion and today the third one arrives, its a stop here at the Chat Pa Wai Reservoir to dip the Airhawk, find out where the puncture is and repair it, only a 5 minute job but perhaps the neoprene has had its day now

Along the 4011 and this new temple should be looking better on my next trip

Riding over the river Kwai and on into Kanchanaburi

I stay at a new place today, the Bluestar Guesthouse at N14.02.123 E099.31.052, my previous place has increased the prices lately despite the place falling apart plus everytime I have been there during my last four holidays it has a different management

A nice clean pleasant room for 150 Baht

Plus my own private toilet/shower

From the outside

It goes down to the river but no floating rafts here

Gammon, eggs, chips and beans for 150 Baht tonight at Sunrise restaurant
Get the gdb file here …

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