Dec 162009

The route Hwy 4, 3175, 3410, 3301, 1052, 3218, 4030, 1037, 4028

Total distance 289 km

I took hwy 4 south for about fifteen km then took a right onto the 3175 and a pleasant quiet road compared to the highway

The road has now become the 3410

Some good bends along this very well surfaced road

I visit the Ban Yang Chum reservoir that was completely empty in february as the dam was only just being built, you can now see some water in the middle

Whereas in this photo from february there wasnt any

A nice new road around the reservoir as the old one is now under water

I ride back along the old road until I cant go any further

The same road in february

As I leave the reservoir heading south I am on the 3301 and its a fine road

I reach a crossroads and go straight over and I am now on the 1052

Some good bends along here too but theres a dirt and dust section which wasnt pleasant

I stop for a look at Wat Huai Mongkon

I leave the Wat on the 3218 which soon becomes the 4030, I ride on for a few km then take a right onto the 1037 which is unsurfaced for the first four km

Then it becomes a good surface

I ride to the Pran Buri Dam

Only about one metre below capacity

I ride around the back of the dam until the road turns to dirt then this lorry coming along starts smoking like mad and the engine is racing

I kept well back from it

After about five minutes of it revving its nuts off somebody turned the diesel off and it stopped

At Pran Buri Dam I am at the most southern part of Thailand that I will be travelling to this holiday so now its turn around time and return to Phetchaburi the way that I came

Back along the 1052 for another enjoyable ride

I take a left onto the 4028 to visit the Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

A very rare photo indeed, me actually consuming some alcohol

Its certainly an impressive place here

Back on the 3301 for another pleasant ride

Back at the Ban Yang Chum reservoir

The water level is a lot lower that I expected for a years rainfall and the irrigation outlet is not even completely submerged yet

This is how it looked in february, at this rate its going to take another two years of rainfall to fill it right up

I decide to ride right around the reservoir and it covers a lot bigger area than it first looks like

The dam is right over by the cliff in the middle of the picture, riding right around it I notice that there is a complete absence of water flowing in so thats why not so much here, only getting filled up in the rainy season. I will look back here in a years time to see how things are looking

Riding back along the 3410 and a thoroughly pleasant days riding

My dinner is cooked to perfection tonight, spaghetti with pork and amazingly its only 35 Baht

A very satisfied customer

And 39 Baht for this across the road

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