Feb 072009

The route Hwy 4, 3187, 3175, 3410, 3301, 3219, 4038, 3219, Hwy 4

Total distance 295 km

I headed south on hwy 4 then took a right onto the 3187 and then the 3175 and the 3410

Along the 3410 I see some monkeys on the road

I didnt expect to see them here

A fair few twists along this road

I take a left onto the 3301 and after only a couple of kms its roadworks as this new reservoir is being constructed

This is about the deepest part and one vital ingredient is missing, water, theres none about, I guess this one will be full in the next year or two

When water finally flows into that concrete structure that road will be under water

Me thinks either this road gets raised or another one gets built otherwise it will be wet feet time riding along here

Finally its a good piece of tarmac on the 3301

I reach a t junction with the 3219 and turn left onto it

A good fun road this one is

Some very good scenery along the way

The road now becomes the 4038 and goes to Pala U Waterfall

Its unmade for the last couple of kms, at the car park I am told its a four km walk to the waterfall, I can think of better things to do on a hot day so I ride back

This caught my eye from the road so I ride down a small track to investigate, from the road I thought it was a circus big top

I thought this was an unusual sign as its at the entrance to the toilet

Its certainly a nice place here, while I am looking around the owner turns up and explains its a Tibetan spiritual place

Heres the sign at the entrance

I ride back a bit further and this beautiful place catches my eye

Its in the middle of nowhere

I like the table and chairs as well

Along highway 4 I see this crashed car

It looks pretty mangled from here

I check in at the Yutichai Hotel where I always stay when here, the bike is always locked up in their safe inside parking lot, good security here

I wander down to the beach

These are probably the first beach photos that I have taken in four years

Time to eat and I eat in a small restaurant right opposite KFC, 55 Baht was what this meal cost, two of them and I was full up

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  1. Sorry Gene this was from a few years ago and I didnt have a GPS then

  2. Hey Colin, can you share the GPS coordinates of that Tibetan spiritual place? I’d love to visit there.

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