Dec 172009

The route Hwy 4, 3349, 6026, 3510, 3206, 3313, 3087, 4025, 3274, 3209, 3228

Total distance 244 km

First stop this morning was the Honda shop as yesterday the two brackets that my spotlights and mounting bar was attached to snapped. Considering the weight of these extras on two small brackets they did well to last the 55000 km that I have covered, especially off road riding has the spotlights wildly jumping around. Unsurprisingly the shop didnt have the brackets, possibly no one has ever needed them before but they offered to weld them for me.

I didnt fancy them welding around my electrics in the headlight so declined and as the bungee cord was holding everything in place I said I will wait until I get to Chiang Mai. Then they phoned the boss who spoke fluent English, they explained what had happened and she had the brackets in stock at her other shop and said they would be with me within one hour. It was only 9.50am so I said okay and went for a walk around, I returned to the shop at 10.20 and the bike was fixed and when I got the bill it was for the grand sum of 180 Baht. I said to myself again today that as things stand at the moment that I cant ever see myself buying another imported bike

Finally underway I take hwy 4 north for about fifteen km then take a left onto the 3349 and a pleasant ride to Nong Ya Plong

I reach a crossroads with the 3510 and go straight across as its signposted to a waterfall and hot springs. Not far along here I see these boats and stop for a look

The road was not numbered to start with but then becomes the 6026

This sounds interesting

Its a very pleasant twisty road along here

I reach the waterfall with the floating market but everythings locked up, some nearby people say not open, perhaps its a seasonal thing

So I ride on to the hot springs

This was it, the water was very warm but I could hold my hands in it okay, a bit further on was where you could take a hot spring bath

The only way out was the way that I came in so its a turn around, lots of pineapples all over the place during the last two days riding

I take a left onto the 3510 then a left onto the 3206

This is a good fun road with a great surface

This building certainly stood out

A pleasant little spot at Ban Pong where the road now becomes the 3313

The 3313 is always a pleasant ride

I take a right onto the 3087 for a few km then its a left onto the 4205 which takes me to the 3274 where I turn left onto it

Some workers toiling in the tapioca field, I carry on and then take a left onto the 3209 then a right onto the 3228 and on to Kanchanaburi

Ali Bongos the Indian restaurant was closed when I got there so no curry for me tonight, I had this Pizza at the Jolly Frog Backpackers Guest House, not bad and it was only 105 Baht

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  1. We were here! Great place!

  2. Good informations over again!! I am looking forward for more updates!

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