Mar 172009

The route Hwy 4, 3349, 3510, 3206, 4023, 3313, 3087, 4025, 3274, 3209, 3228

Total distance 246 km

I took hwy 4 for about ten km then took a left onto the 3349 to ride my only new road today. This rice growing brought a welcome bit of greenery into view, plus the cool breeze coming off the water was welcome as well

Once past the rice fields its dry and hazy

The 3349 is a fine piece of tarmac all the way along to Nong Ya Plong

Just past Nong Ya Plong and I reach a crossroads where I take a right onto the 3510

Oh for the clarity of Surat Thani or even better, Yala Province

At the 3510s end I take a left onto the 3206

After a while I take a right onto the 4023, this has been resurfaced in the last seven weeks as it was an old surface when I rode it before

Thats a nice bit of shade built around this tree

I reach the 3313 and turn right onto it

Another one of the good roads out this way, about ten BMWs come the other way, all westerners by the look of it, only the last one acknowledged my wave though, does anyone know of this group?. I stop in Pa Wai for a snack then ride to Kanchanaburi on my usual route from here but no more photos along the way

When I was in Kanchanaburi early last month I came across this Turkish pizza place but never got round to trying it, I put that wrong right today

Hes just chucked some wood in the oven now its time to light it

I thought that rolling pin looked like a piece of plastic water pipe and thats exactly what it was, he explained that the dough doesnt stick to it like it does the wooden ones

My raw pizza

The finished result, this fine pizza cost the grand sum of 140 Baht and I struggled to finish it and when a greedy bastard like me struggles to finish something you know its filling

All this talk about Dairy Queen lately so I have to ride to Tesco Lotus to get one. All being well I hope to reach Mae Sot tomorrow then back to Chiang Mai by friday

  3 Responses to “Petchaburi To Kanchanaburi”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for answering that fast !
    There is two pizzerias in the backpackers street, but I was curious for the turkish pizzeria because i very miss turkish kebaps. Such a pity he’s not there anymore !

  2. Hi JCDenton

    Sadly the Turkish pizzeria is not there anymore, he has left but there is another new pizza place between the two 7-11s on the main backpacker strip

  3. Hi,
    I currently live in Kanchanaburi.
    Where did you find this turkish pizzeria exactly ?
    Thank you

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