Mar 042009

The route 42, 409, 4072, 4085, 4070, 4007, 4001, 4113, 408, 43, 408

Total distance 259 km

It was actually not raining when I got up and the roads were dry for a change, I took the 42 out of town and after about 30 km took the 409, about 10 km later I took a right onto the 4072 and rode to Saba Yoi. Here it was a left onto the 4085 and about 20 km later where the 4085 meets the 4070 I take a right onto the 4070 for about half a km then its a right onto the 4007

This road only shows as a thin red unnumbered road on my map so it could turn to dirt or anything but to start off with its a good surface

I am just inside Yala Province again now and this road runs close to the Malaysian border in places

The road has narrowed now and theres a few potholes here and there

The road now becomes the 4001 part way along it

As the day progresses so does the weather, it was very cloudy to start with but now its getting sunny and a lot warmer

I reach the 4113 and turn left and ride to Ban Prakob

At Ban Prakob theres a new border crossing being built, I was told it will open in two months time

This is looking at the Malaysian side, all finished and a nice shiny new road

This is the Thai side and an unsurfaced road back to the 4113

This poor fella was in his death throes in the road, A stick was used to put him on the grass

Is this the only PTT station selling 95 benzine? no gasohol available here

I check in at my hotel then its time to eat, this sign caught my eye

That was one lovely lasagne, the first one since I was last in Chiang mai

Todays ride went to plan, no rain today meant that I got to follow my exact route, in Songkhla I meet the first Westerner that I have seen for ten days, I guess the deep south isnt exactly a tourist hotspot right now

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  1. Hi

    It was mandatory on my last visit in jan 2011 and I believe it was around 500 Baht for a month.
    Having your greenbook translated into English was another must as well as getting stickers with Roman numbers and letters of your number plate, oh and an English language driving licence too.

    Good luck with the trip


  2. Captain I plan to ride from Pattaya to Terengganu Malaysia area (3–6 months road trip).question? is insurance mandatory at the boarder  and whats the cost.

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