Dec 142008

The Route 2247, 205, 2354, 225, 2359, 2037, 2366, 2055, Hwy 12, 2216, 2016, 201

Total Distance 621 km

It was a nice early start today, I was on the road by 7.30 am and I soon found out how effective these airflow jackets are, I soon stopped to put a synthetic jacket on underneath it and that did the trick

I took the 2247 out of Pak Chong and not far out I saw something that reminded me of the village that I grew up in during the 1960s and 70s, a milk churn

Memories of 40 years ago

The 2247 was a pleasant road and for the most part today its all virgin territory for me

Just field after field of sugar cane out here, there were lots of people cutting it by hand as well, no sign of any machinery doing it

I turn right onto the 205

some good bends here

At Thep Sathit its a left onto the 2354

Its been a great start to the day and its now warm enough to take the underneath jacket off

I come to a t junction with the 225 and take the left

Not as much traffic as I expected on here

I stop at the Phao Phang Heuy view point for a short break

Quite a few of these along this road

I take a right onto the 2359

Surely theres room for some more on here

I caught up with him going out of town and in places I thought it was going to overturn, better off in front I thought so off I went

This is what I need, a decent luggage system

It makes mine look so amateurish, any ideas where in CNX I could get a system like this?

Like every other road that I have been on today the 2359 was good

At Nong Bua Daeng I take the 2037 and at Kaset Sombun I take the 2366. This comes to a t junction with the 2055 and I take the left, which takes me to Hwy 12, as it was by now 3 pm common sense suggested taking a right then a left onto the 201 to Chiang Khan, but not being in possession of too much of it I took the left and rode about 25 km then took a right onto the 2216

The 2216, an excellent fun road that I have only ever been on once before

Its just a real good fun road that is mainly a good surface and just bend after bend

I stay on here until I take a right onto the 2016 and ride to Wang Saphung, the last 30 km were done in the dark and now its the 201 to Chiang Khan. I arrive at 19.35, 12 hours riding and 621 km on the Phantom today, do I ache, not at all. That Airhawk seat cushion is just brilliant, apart from riding from Kanchanaburi to CNX in one day on the Bm which I think was about 720 km, and I was in discomfort, this is my highest ever single days mileage and the Phantom is considerably more comfortable to do this on than the Bm was I can tell you

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