Mar 102009

The route 417, 41, 4256, unknown, 4262, 4112, 4011, 4112, 417

Total distance 340 km

I took the 417 out of town heading north west, this reaches the 41 where I turned right onto it and about 5 km later I took a left onto the 4256

The 4256 splits, both ways being the 4256 and I take the right fork

Some good twists and hills on this road

Not far past here it turned to an unsurfaced road that was very rough going plus deep bulldust in places, as I didnt know how far this went I turned round to seek an alternative route

At least I get to ride this fun section again

I ride back to where the 4256 split and take the other fork, this is great riding in the shade for a while

Some very good scenery all around this area, I come to a t junction and turn right onto an unnumbered road, this is a bit bumpy and potholed here and there and reaches the 4262 just south of Wiphawadi

I turn left onto the 4262 and ride south to Khiri Ratnikhom where I finished yesterdays ride, then turn round to ride north, more good riding along here

I stop for a look around the market and eat some tasty chicken here

Now I am away from the Muslim south its back to normality and the finest tasting creature to ever grace the planet is back on sale everywhere

I ride up to the Wiphawadi waterfall

The water was a bit chilly

But this didnt seem to deter the locals

Then it was back along the 4262 and I crossed over the 41 and upon reaching the 4112 I turned left and rode to Chaiya, there is a museum here but it was closed

I took the 4011 and rode northwards along the deserted coast for a while

Plenty of sand but no tourists here, I got back onto the 4112 and rode back until taking the 417 back home

I eat at the Ristorante Pizzeria Milano again and try the lasagne tonight, not bad either, I asked for a business card but they dont have any yet, I am told its address is right opposite the night boat pier

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