Nov 202008

The Route 22, 2132, 2032, 2390, 2417, 2026, 222, 2095, 2267, 2230, 2092, 2091, 222, 2307, 2185, 2346, 22

Total Distance 415km

I left on the 22 and took the right turn for Nakhon Phanom still on the 22

About 25km out of town I turned left onto the 2132 and this was a pleasant road

A few good bends plus a good surface, I stayed on here till I reached So Songkhram, here it was a right onto the 2032 for only 1 or 2km then a left onto the 2390. Just before the junction with the 212 I took a left onto the 2417, this road is just pure crap, at best its uninteresting but its seriously potholed for a very large portion of its length, avoid it like the plague. It ends at Seka and I take the 2026 heading west, I reach the 222 and take the right and this takes me into Phon Charoen. I clocked up 4000km this morning so here I stop at the Honda dealer for the oil change, another advantage that I am getting used to with the Phantom is that you just drop in at any Honda dealer and the bike is serviced while you wait. I always watch them change the oil as when I had my first Phantom 6 years ago I got used to the oil always being the same price, one shop was cheaper say 60 instead of 80 Baht, I cant quite remember the exact price. I found out that the Honda oil is in either 0.7L or 1L bottles, the Phantom takes 1L and they had put the smaller bottle in, today I nearly got that again, I pointed out that it was 1L and the correct bottle was got. Its not like they are fiddling you or anything I only got charged for the smaller bottle before, its just that I dont think its in the engines best interest to be short of oil so always watch them, 95 Baht for the oil change and I was on my way

I am now on the 2095 riding to So Phisai and this was another pleasant road

At So Phisai I turn left onto the 2267 and ride to Fao Rai, just heading out of So Phisai I see one of these the same as along the Mekong near to Nong Khai but here there were only about three of them

The 2267 was again a pleasant enough road but no hills today

At Fao Rai I do a left onto the 2230, plenty of employment for the rice harvesters here right now

The 2230 has a few curves as well

I take a left onto the 2092 and this is a pretty straight road, the 2092 joins the 2091 and here I take the same route back to Sakon Nakhon that I took on my first ride to here from Udon

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