Dec 142007

I headed out of town towards Khlong Hat for about four km then turned left onto the 3157 to go back up in the hills

The 3157 is a well surfaced narrowish road

I take a right onto the 4017 which is a well surfaced road that goes to a village where they have a fish farm on a smallish reservoir

The reservoir at the village, its quite windy up here and the breeze is welcome as the temperature is quite hot here now. At this village I have to turn round and ride back

After a few more kms on the 3157 I take a right to where a new reservoir is being made, I found this last year and want to see how much progress has been made

Its only a few kms to the dam but a nice twisty road and good scenery

Last year the concrete building for the hydro power waterpipe was completely out of the water so I estimate the water level is 8-10 metres higher now

Riding around the work going on last year I noticed all the sand and aggregate for the concrete was being excavated on site, so cement was the only thing being brought in. Now all the large rocks for the dam structure are being excavated on site as well. It certainly saves a few thousand lorry journeys

Next year it should be a lot deeper than this

I return to the 3157 and ride on to Bo Rai where I take an unnumbered road out of it heading east and signposted to Ban Khlong Lu

This is a fun road, great surface and also great corners

Brilliant scenery as well, this road has it all

Unfortunately this road has to end, and it ends here, at least as far as tarmac is concerned but at least I get to turn round and ride it again. I get back to Bo Rai, no 7-11 here but at least the supermarket sells the correct water, so a quick stop then the 3157 back to Trat

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