Dec 152007

I headed out of Trat on the 318 heading east for about 12 km then took the left, the 3271

A pleasant road in good condition and some hills in the distance

I take a right onto an unnumbered road which goes for a few kms

Here is where it finishes at this reservoir, although its very hot here now the cool breeze coming off the water brings the temperature right down, but back in Trat people are moaning about how hot it is

I am now back on the 3271 heading north

The beauty of it up here is that there is just no traffic

I go to Bo Rai and take a different road out of it to the one I took yesterday but still heading east. Although it doesnt go too far its a brilliant piece of tarmac

I get to the end and its the entrance to Namtok Khlong Kaeo National Park, as I get my map out these students come over to see if they can help even though their English is very limited. They tell me its a four km walk now so I decline and turn round to come back

I rejoin the 3157 and stay on it heading north to ride the entire length of it and joining highway 3 about 25 km west of Trat. Today I see mostly rubber plantations and so much of this area is just completely covered with them

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