Mar 112009

The route 417, 4112, unknown, 4191, 4192, 4259, 4251, 41, 4112, 417

Total distance 369 km

I took the 417 then the 4112 to Chaiya and then headed west over the 41 on an unnumbered road which eventually joined the 4191

I take a left onto the 4191 and ride this twisty road for another 20 km to Ban Khao Lak where it just finishes, here the only thing to do is turn around and enjoy the return journey. I stay on the 4191 until nearer to the 41 where I take a left onto the 4192, about five km later its a left onto the 4259

The 4259 is a more scenic road straight away

Lots of bottles of orange for Buddah to drink here

No haze here, just clear skies and clean air, mind you its getting noticeably hotter by the day

I ride the 4259 all the way round to the 41 and its one long twisting package is this road

Its like this in many places, a good day trip out from Surat Thani was todays ride. At the 41 I turn round and enjoy this fun ride again, I take a right onto the 4251 and when this reaches the 41 its a right onto it for a few km then a left into Chaiya and back home the way I left this morning

I often see big lorry loads of these things being transported along and the occasional one on the side of the road thats fallen off. Does anyone know what the are and what are they going to be used for?

I have a beef Stroganoff at Sweet Kitchen tonight but wasnt over impressed with it. I used to eat this dish at the Triple F Cafe just past the Irish Pub in Chiang Mai a few years ago and there it was delicious but unfortunately as owners change so does the menu.

This finishes the Surat Thani outings, a great place to stay and some very fine roads around here too. What I expected to be a two or three nights stay ended up being a very enjoyable six nights stay with some very good rides

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  1. Thanks for the info

  2. It’s a empty palm oil fruit bunch. It is usually reused by the palm oil factory by burning them as bio fuel. 

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