Dec 042008

The Route 2373, 2168, 2404, 2408, 2382, 2406, 23, 2015, 2083, 2076, 2262, 226

Total Distance 353km

It was the 2373 heading north out of town, at the crossroads with the 2168 I take the right and ride through Yang Chum Noi

The 2168 is quite a nice surface once past Yang Chum Noi

I take a left onto the 2404 which is concrete for a while

Finally it turns to tarmac

At a crossroads I turn left onto the 2408

Always pleasing to the eye are these

Quite a lot of greenery along the 2408

At a crossroads I turn right onto the 2382 for about 8km then its a left onto the 2406

Another pleasant road. At the junction with the 23 I turn left and ride for about 6km then its a left onto the 2015

Good old manual labour here, no tractors doing the work, going by their love of doing things by hand out here I am surprised that they are not digging it with spades

Even the dog gets a trip out

Its quite a pleasant ride along here

I reach the junction with the 2083 and turn left onto it, its quite pleasant to start with but soon turns to a boring straight road, but a good surface though

As I cross the river Moon its still flooded and lots of surrounding fields are still submerged

I ride to the 226 then turn right onto the 2076 and this isnt a bad road

About 10km before Rattana Buri I turn left onto the 2262, plenty of workers out in this field

The surface changes from wide to narrow, good to not so good but its an enjoyable ride. I try a couple of side roads that are on my map but after about 5km both of them just ended and were then just dirt tracks. I ride to Samrong Thap then take the 226 back to Si Saket, todays trip was a very enjoyable loop out of Si Saket

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