Feb 122009

The route 4005, 4001, 4091, 4010, 1002, 4218, Hwy 4

Total distance 264 km

I took the 4005 and stopped for a look at the hot springs

Quite what you would want a towel for I dont know, if you got in there I think soothing lotion and bandages would be more appropriate

I carry on along the 4005, a pleasant ride

I stop at the Ranong Canyon

The water is absolutely teeming with fish

I hear rustling and look down to see a snake slithering away from me but its gone before I can get the camera out

I climb for a short while to get some aerial photos

My map doesnt show the 4005 carrying on but it goes for a few more kms then turns to a rough track and then I turn back

I ride back past the canyon then take a right onto the 4001

I stop for a slash and this dog decides to do the same thing on my front trye

On a side road a nice big pothole

With roads and scenery like this what more could you ask for

Somewhere around here I make a great discovery, but thats tomorrows trip and report and I am not even giving the road number away today

I make my way back to hwy 4 and ride towards Ranong then take a right onto the 4010

Some good spots along here too

Theres a sign saying beach and this is probably Ranongs beach, a coastal resort it aint

I take the 1002 to hwy 4 do a left for about 100 metres then do a right onto the 4218 and ride 4.5 km up a steep narrow road, at the top its this stations transmitters

I take the pictures on the descent

I stop and can hear water but I dont think that this waterfall is accessable

I ride down then take hwy 4 back home, today was going to be my final ride around here but after my good find earlier in the day I cant resist riding and photographing that road for the first time tomorrow

Fish&chips tonight at Sophon’s Hideaway, delicious and very fresh as it should be at the coast

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