Jan 302009

The route 324, 3443, 3306, unknown, 3480, unknown, 3480, 4031, 5035, unknown, 4015, 3086, 3398, 3199, 323

Total distance 361 km

I took the 324 out of town then took a left onto the 3443 and just before Lao Khwan took a left onto the 3306, after 24 km I took a right onto an unnumbered road that turned to unsurfaced and back a few times before it emerged at a crossroads with the 3086. These were all pleasant roads but I didnt stop for pictures as I was more interested in getting to ride the road to Khao Phu Toei National Park. At the crossroads I go straight across onto the 3480 and after a few kms took a right onto an unnumbered road saying Lam Ta Poen Reservoir 6 km

This was a good road for six kms then when I expected to be at the reservoir the sign read 13 km more and by now the road was rough dirt so I turned back

This funny roundabout was in the middle of this road. I ride back to the 3480 take a right and ride on taking a right onto the 4031

As you are heading north this is the sign for the National park, I rode on past until the road turned to dirt then on the way back the sign is in English, very strange as I think virtually all Western tourists will be arriving heading north

I do a left onto the 5035 and its another pleasant road

This is the road that I came here to ride and its a great start

I stop at the National Park entrance but there are no roads inside so I dont bother going in. I carry on but after only another couple of kms the road finishes at the animal research station

Not what I expected to see out here I must admit

This fellas a long way from home

A birds eye view of the research station

I ride back to the 4031 and take a left then a few kms later take another left onto an unnumbered road and ride 4 kms to a village

This house stood out from the rest because it was so bright

Some good views from out here

I ride back to the 3480, take a left and ride on taking a right onto the 4015, this meets the 3086 where I turn right and ride home. I stop in Bo Phloi to get the bikes oil changed and the mechanic here checks my tyre pressure, not by the usual way of pressing the thumbs in the middle but by slapping the sides, obviously his hands are trained for this because my tyres had the correct pressure in them or so he told me. Todays plan was to ride eastwards past the National Park but it was not to be so a further trip will have to be made to explore that and some other roads up around here

Walking along the street tonight I saw this guy and his wonderful bike

A real work of art this

I have been having pizza withdrawal symptoms lately as where I used to eat them no longer has them on the menu. I ate at the Jolly Frog guest house tonight, 120 Baht and a filling meal too

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