Dec 102009

The route 324, 3001, 3086, 3480, 4031, 3480, 3086, 3398, 3199

Total distance 342 km

I headed out of town on the 324 for about fifteen km then took a left onto the 3001

A pleasant well surfaced road but quite a lot of traffic particularly lorries using it spoils it a bit

An awful lot of tapioca growing along here

The rice was being cut by hand in a few places

This building of brick and wood caught my eye

Fish and beef being dried by the house owners

As I took a photo of their house, the owners also wanted theirs taken too

So I thought it only fair to get the dogs photo also

A bit further along and its the turn of the machinery

So thats what happened to Michael Jackson, hes not dead after all but alive and well and driving a combine harvester in Kanchanaburi

I reach Bo Phloi and head north on the 3086

Then take a left to Nong Prue on the 3480

A fantastic twisty well surfaced road is the 3480

Then theres this section with the trees along it for a while

Just past the hospital I take a left onto the 4031 and not far along here theres this mini tornado swirling the ashes around from a previous fire

The 4031 is a joy to ride, its a road that I only rode for the first time in january this year

I get to where the tarmac finished on my previous ride and find a lovely new surface ahead of me

It lasts for 3.8 km then its the dusty unmade

I ride on for about three km then stop as its the rocky surface now, hopefully they will soon surface it all the way to where it meets the 3011

Time to ride back along this pleasant road

I stop at a reservoir and its below capacity

Back to the tree lined section of the 3480, I ride back to the 3086 turn right onto it then ride home

A new restaurant for dinner tonight, its called Sunrise and its been opened for a few months and is run by a fellow Englishman

Gammon, chips, eggs and beans tonight for 165 Baht, this isnt something that I see on many menus in Thailand so it makes a pleasant change to eat it

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