Dec 112009

The route 324, 4006, 3363, 3343, 2018, 3440, 321, 3358, 4006, 324

Total distance 224 km

Todays trip north was to try some more of the extensive road network around here. I took the 324 out of town then about twenty km later took a left onto the 4006

A few of these colourful trees along this road

The 4006 is a well surfaced road and one that I havent rode on before

The guy just drove his tractor into the pond and started washing it, if only I had a sponge with me I could have done the same to the Phantom

At the end of the 4006 I take a left onto the 3363

This is a wide well surfaced road with some curves along it

At the junction with the 3086 I turn round to enjoy the 3363 in the opposite direction plus get to ride the other section of it

This reservoir is only about 20 cm from capacity

Some more decent bends along here

I meet the 3343 and take the right fork

A few km later I take a left at this sign, I am assuming that this is the 2018

Its a much narrower road but okay all the same

At the crossroads with the 324 I go straight over and I am now on the 3440

This is a pleasant road for its entire length

At the 321 I turn right onto it for a few km then its a right onto the 3358 which takes me back to the 324

I cross over the 324 and am still on the 3358, I dont often see the straw in bales

The surface turns rough for a short while then its a good surface again

All of a sudden I join the 4006 at the point where I took the pictures of the temple this morning and I go home the way that I left via the 4006 and then the 324

I decide its time for a massage and I recommend the Jo Jo massage shop next to the 7-11 at the Jolly Frog entrance

This girl whose nickname is Z certainly knew her stuff

An air conditioned room and at 120 Baht an hour was fantastic value

A lovely spicy chicken jalfreizi finishes the day up nicely

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