Feb 252009

The route 410, 3004, 410, 3006, 4202, 4203, 410 3006, 410

Total distance 205 km

I rode out of town on the 410 for about three km then took a left onto the 3004, only a short while on here and to my left is this graveyard

I ride to the top where this guy is digging a grave, all the digging is done by hand tools here

Its a Chinese only graveyard so I am told by the man digging the grave

Well theyve got this fantastic view for the rest of eternity

I ride on and stop at this large hot spring

A bit too hot to put my hand in me thinks

Not far past the hot springs and the scenery starts

I stop at the Wanvisa waterfall

There are loads of steps going down but I can only see the water through the trees, perhaps is a clearer view a lot further down but I have walked down far enough

A bit further along and its the winter flower garden

This tree looks dead but produces this good view

This ones even better

Now riding through the hills again

The edge of the road has washed away here and the km marker has gone a bit further

This is one nice twisty road up through here

The middle one of these has steps going right up, so I climb them

The above and the next two photos show the view from the top

I carry on riding and the road loops back to the 410 at the Chinese graveyard. I turn left onto the 410 and ride for about 20 km then stop for a snack

I appear to have stopped at Yamaha Square, I feel a bit out of place at these few shops and houses as I have the only Honda. This Yamaha DT125MX is a relic from the late 1970s

Then this guy turns up on a DT100

At another place theres two more of them, other people are riding step thrus but again they are virtually all Yamaha 2 strokes

I ride on and a few km later take a left onto the 3006, now its the turn of the old Mercs to take over, theres absolutely loads of them on this road today and around this area in general. I passed two and while stopped for a photo they came past beeping and waving at me, this seems quite normal out here but it is not the normal thing that I expect from Thais driving Mercs

You cant get away from these views, later on when I am back in the north breathing in smoke and coughing I am going to wonder why I didnt stay down here

I take a left onto the 4202 but its a fallen apart road that drifts from tarmac to stones repeatedly for about three or four kms then finishes turning to a dirt track, the roads crap but the view isnt

I ride back doing a left back onto the 3006 and about 1 km later take a left onto the 4203, this is another road thats badly deteriorated in places but again holds the same stunning views

The 4023 exits onto the 410 and just before the junction I catch uo with an army patrol, there were four soldiers on two Honda Waves, all four were carrying rifles plus this piece of armour

I follow this along the 410 heading back to Betong until I take a right onto the 3006 to enjoy the views from this road again but in the opposite direction

Either way it makes no difference its simply stunning

I reach the 410 and take a right and ride home, I encounter a shower on the way back and just get back before it rains hard

Some unknown restaurant for tonights feast, chicken and whatever rice it was, it sure was hot with that dipping sauce. I ordered another portion of chicken and together it came to 50 Baht. While I was here eating it poured down then thankfully eased to ride to my hotel, once in my room we had a nice long thunderstorm with torrential rain, I am glad I wasnt caught out in that one.
I thought that today would be my last one here in Betong but theres still more exploring to do east of it so its another two night in the most comfortable bed that I have slept in for ages plus hopefully more great riding again tomorrow

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