Feb 172009

The route 4123, 4270, 41, 4151, 4267, 4270, 4123

Total distance 245 km

It was the 4123 out of town heading north, I stay on this road until Huai Yot

After riding through Huai Yot I take a right onto the 4270

This is a rather narrow but good twisty road

Still so green everywhere, the only time I see smoke is if someone has a bonfire in their garden, good air quality around these parts

This was quite eye catching with the bright colours

The 4270 turns to unmade for about 2 km until I reach the Huai Namsai Reservoir

Good views from the reservoir

About four metres down from capacity

Plenty of smashed beer bottles here but it will be a while before the glass gets washed away

Riding away from the reservoir and its a real nice twisty section now

I happen upon this recently run over snake

Its thrashing about madly in the road but its too badly injured and soon remains still

I move it to the side of the road with a stick but no sign of life now, about 100 metres further along the road theres another squashed one. Yesterday when I went to the waterfall on the way back was a freshly killed one with a bulge where it had recently eaten, in fact I am seeing loads of dead ones but only got the glimpse of the tail of a live one today

I reach the 41 and take a left onto it for about 20 km then take a left onto the 4151

The 4151 soon shows its colours and is a really good road

The south flat, certainly not around here, its really great scenery and I am really enjoying todays ride on totally new roads for me. Three years ago I didnt have much of a map and none of todays roads were really showing on it so I never found them, they looked good on the map when I planned todays trip and they certainly arent disappointing me. I have found enough for another days trip out from Trang again tomorrow before I ride on

Brilliantly surfaced road, great scenery, perfection in my eyes

I take a left onto the 4267 and immediately it turns to dust, thankfully for only about 1 km then its tarmac, its not far and I reach the 4270 and I return home along it the way I rode out. As it was pointed out yesterday, there are some real good roads down here in the south and I intend to ride lots of them, the one that looks really good is the 410 from Mueang Yala to Betong

An unusual choice of food for me tonight, I eat in a Muslim food restaurant and have a chicken curry, theres one in Chiang Rai and I use that if there. This meal cost the grand sum of 25 Baht, two of them plus an extra portion of chicken and I was full and only 60 Baht lighter in the wallet. Thats my quota of rice for february so probably a pizza at Wunderbar tomorrow

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