Jan 252009

The Route 324, 3358, 3356, 321, 3260, 3505, 321, 3440, 324, 3443, 3363, 3086, 3342, 3001, 324

Total distance 255 km

I took the 324 out of town heading north east to ride totally new roads today, after about 35 km took a right onto the 3358

Along here I came across this so stopped for a photo

The road joins the 3356 and I take the left fork then at the junction with the 321 I turn right. At a crossroads I take a left onto the 3260 and ride to Song Phi Nong, here its a left onto the 3505

I stopped for a drink along this road then this guy stops his car, runs across the road and shakes my hand before proudly showing me his patch. He could barely speak English but a real happy friendly guy he certainly was, the 3505 looked full of promise on the map but sadly was a boring road with non stop housing all along it

This was about as exciting as it got along its entire length. At its junction with the 321 I take a left and after about 10km take a right onto the 3440

This was a more enjoyable road

A few decent bends but so flat today, at the junction with the 324 I take a left and about 10 kms later a right onto the 3443

At a junction I take the left fork onto the 3363 and stay on this crossing over the 3342 until I reach the 3086, here its a left and I ride to Bo Phloi where I do a left onto the 3342 for about 1 km then take a right onto the 3001

This is definitely the best road I ride on today

I ride its entire length then upon reaching the 324 turn right and ride home

Some good bends and a good surface, in fact all of todays roads were in top notch condition and I dont remember even seeing a pothole. Todays ride was a disappointment for me personally, I made a nice route up of roads that I had never ridden before and they just werent interesting plus there was a lot more traffic than I expected. I wont say I wished I hadnt bothered because then I would have never known what they were like

Disappointment number two was finding my favourite restaurant, Ali Bongos, closed, so I ate this very ordinary burger at a recommended place, at least it filled me up, and for only 100 Baht

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