Dec 162007

Todays ride was to finish exploring the numbered roads on my map up in the hills out of Trat

I took highway 3 for about 25 km then a right onto the 3158 and stayed on here for the entire length of it until it joined the 3157. It was a left onto the 3157 until just after Bo Rai then a right onto the 3159

This road goes straight down to highway 3 and there I turn around and ride back about half its length before doing a left onto the 3388 which takes me back to Bo Rai

Along this road I see the rubber production underway so stop for a look. It looks a messy job as a lot of cleaning and scrubbing is going on cleaning the floor and getting bits of rubber off of utensils

The finished product out to dry

The 3388 is definitely the best road I ride on today, good quality and some good corners. At Bo Rai I turn right onto the 3157 and stay on here until a right for the 3494 which takes me back to highway 3 then a short ride back to Trat

The 3494, all of todays ride was on good roads with next to no traffic virtually all of the time. There were loads of other roads criss crossing all over the place that I never had the time to explore, thats for next time, most of them were numbered starting 4 with the blue road sign and looked in good condition

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