Jan 122010

The route 1168, 1243, 4020, 101, 1026, 1162, 1243, 1168

Total distance 296 km

Heading out of town on the 1168 and the girl on the back is holding a fair sized dog

A few km past Mae Charim and I take the right fork onto the 1243

The road narrows but its not a bad surface along here

This dog is barking its head off to start with but then becomes quite friendly

I have some dried banana with caramel that I dont want so I put it on a plastic bag on the ground for the dog. The dog picks the bag up scattering the banana and runs off with it in his mouth leaving the banana on the ground making me laugh

I take a right signposted to Wiang Sa and the road is still numbered the 1243

After a couple of km at a village the road becomes the 4020

I dont notice a turning for Wiang Sa and realise that I am heading back towards Nan so its a turn back for a few km then a right onto an unnumbered road for a couple of km then I am on the 101 and its a left and I ride on to Wiang Sa

In Wiang Sa I take a left onto the 1162

This is a good road that doesnt seem to get mentioned much in trip reports

I reach Nam Muap and here each way is the 1243, I take a right and ride on

As I travel further along the 1243 the surface deteriorates a lot in places and loose gravel is often on the surface

But nothing can detract from the scenery though

About thirty km from Nam Muap and the 1243 reaches the unmade section, whether it will ever be finished remains a mystery

Time to turn around and ride back

This would be an awesome road if only it had a good clean surface

As I get further back towards Mae Charim the surface really improves a lot

I stop to see how the dam is progressing and its not finished yet

I walk around and have a look, it definitely looks like a hydropower project

Is the weir going to be the waters height or will there be gates too I wonder, hopefully next visit in november will provide the answer

The new road being constructed to get to the dam

I take the 1243 back to the 1168 then ride on home

A fondue buffet for 99 Baht tonight

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