Feb 142013

The route 1168, 1243

Total distance 268 km

In Mae Charim

The dam is built and not a very large reservoir at all

The project is finished and electricity is now being produced

Now to ride to the end of the 1168 to explore where the dirt road goes

Looking down into the village at the end of the paved road and it now looks like the paved surface has been extended

A very fresh surface with no lines on it yet

The paved surface finishes at N18.75676 E101.19861

Its been a week since I last rode offroad and its great to be back exploring fresh unpaved again.
I am starting to lose interest in too much of the paved stuff on a daily basis

It is reasonably close to the Laos border here

I ride through a village at N18.78274 E101.21881

Finally they get sawing

North of the village I explore some tracks

Conveniently placed for me to eat my lunch in the shade

This rutted track carried on northwards and I will explore it further on another visit along with some other side tracks I didnt have time for today

At this point here my GPS says I am about 1.4km from the Laos border but its very steep and loose and I turn around here as I now need to go downhill and I am concerned about getting back up again

On the ride back I ride through this village at N18.76502 E101.20468

I ride back to the paved surface and theres another short dirt section from N18.74554 E101.18899 to N18.73548 E101.19308

A double portion of moo hunglay for 60 Baht from the night market and 10 Baht for the rice, delicious and I was stuffed after eating this

Get the gdb file here …

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