Mar 132013

The route 1080, 4001, 1256, 1081, 1169

Total distance 256 km

Near the start of the 1256 I ride a new track for me

Todays dirt was
N19.19616 E100.94269 to N19.19616 E100.94269
N19.19666 E100.94035 to N19.20748 E100.94495
N19.18781 E101.03399 to N19.18781 E101.03399
N19.23023 E101.06753 to N19.23023 E101.06753

I can just about make out a village through the haze

That chickens dicing with death getting that close to the KLX

This village at N19.20542 E100.99875 is the end of the road so its an about turn here

Not much water in the rivers again today

A shot of the 1256

A village through the trees that I rode through yesterday seen here from the 1256, although I have rode along here many times I can honestly say I have never noticed it before

I explore a short dirt track along the 1256

A village further along the 1256

That village at N19.17925 E101.04100

Luckily access to the village is by a concrete road as its steep and would be a nightmare in the wet season

Another village at N19.18914 E101.03773

Plus another one at N19.19501 E101.4744

I rode there last year and now want to try out a new one for me nearby

I didnt expect to see a waterfall today

A village in the distance, there were three out here at
N19.24345 E101.08968, N19.25754 E101.09633 and N19.23440 E101.10488

We rode through this river a year ago but theres hardly any flow at all now

The end of the line

On the ride back I take an unmapped side track

That will take some cutting, they stopped sawing as soon as I got the camera out

They are now disappearing with the saw

Four more were cutting this but fled just like the others did

Its good how they are sawing this with hand saws

I was hoping this track would go round in a loop but it appeared to finish at this village

Riding back and just past where the men were sawing, this tree had fallen into the river bed, I wonder if it died of natural causes or was helped on its way

A chicken massaman and rice at Tony’s Place tonight, I was treated tonight, thanks David

Get the gdb file here …

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