Mar 102013

The route 1169, 1257

Total distance 143 km

Frank&Simone a German couple on an around the world trip stayed at the GH last night and we had a chat this morning before they left

A couple of well laden Honda 700 Transalps

I ride out to Santisuk and start exploring, todays dirt was
N18.92553 E100.94673 to N18.96684 E100.92991
N18.96684 E100.92991 to N18.95679 E100.92417
N18.95135 E100.92899 to N18.93861 E100.93579
N18.94709 E100.92624 to N18.93893 E100.93034
N18.93587 E100.93326 to N18.92553 E100.94673
N18.92446 E100.93707 to N18.93171 E100.92949

I hadnt gone far and I was riding on tracks not showing on the GPS

The bridge looks a bit wonky but it felt firm enough when I walked across it, I rode through the very shallow water anyway

That looks like an overflow for a reservoir up there

The water is clear

Even though it looks like oil here

The unknown reservoir that doesnt show on the GPS, as the ESRI shows the Nam Yang river flowing here I hereby name it the Huai Nam Yang Reservoir and its located at N18.94650 E100.95406

Its at least ten metres below capacity

There is a track running alongside it but I soon tire of that and ride back

I climb a bit now and have good views all around

Looking back down on the reservoir I have just left

To my surprise this unshowing track goes to the 1081 where I turn around and ride back a bit before exploring more turnings

This popular reservoir is at N18.96187 E100.94836, again not showing on the GPS and nothing to name it by either

Riding on I reach the 1081 in another place and turn around once more

Now to visit that reservoir

The Huai Khon Khaen Reservoir at N18.96247 E100.92741

Its a bit windy here and that umbrella is blowing away

Now to ride all these interlocking tracks between the 1169 and the new track I first rode today, some show on the GPS and some dont

As I make my way to the 1169 at the finish its lots of tobacco growing here

Another fun days ride over and not many dead ends today

Stuffed loin of pork, roast potatoes, brocolli and gravy at Tony’s Place for 240 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  2 Responses to “Nan-Uncharted Dirt Tracks And Reservoirs Off The 1169”

  1. I am with you on the RTW trips, they dont interest me a bit, I was offered to go on one recently and turned it down flat.

  2. Always heard from local that the run off from the de-forested Nan hills can create pond that grow catfish rather fast; and that locals buy the baby’s from Phayao and stock the reservoirs. And if they couldn’t afford, or be bothered to contain them in nets (like you’ve pictured), when it come time to harvest it turns into a free for all to get what you can – but unlike what this kind of fishery would be like in North America, it turns into a multi day party – with fish fry and drinking of course. One of our long term staff was from the area, and he compared to a couple of other long term staff that were from Doi Tao residents – notes were brought up in discussion of how they behaved differently concerning that all important subject “Fishing”. Doi Tao’ers wanted to catch the big one!
    You must be content exploring an area thoroughly Colin, as apposed to having an itinerary needed to ride around the world within a certain time span.?! And think of all the unknown concerning finding good food :) . Myself, 20 years ago all I wanted to do was ride around the world, now the thought of ‘ok we have to get here, then after that have to check these places off to visit’, um no thank you, I just wanna ride……

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