Mar 202011

The route 1168, 1243

Total distance 149 km

Out of town on a hot sunny morning and my first stop was at the Huai Haet reservoir at N18.47.014 E100.50.452, not much water in here now but lots of Thais fishing

Its a beautiful day and the temperature is back to normal, I hear from people that more rain is coming on tuesday and wednesday but I hope not

Now to the Nam Wa hydropower project and the earth dam is being constructed so this will be full to capacity on my next visit

The Wa’s normal route has been blocked off and the water is now being let out through the hydropower inlets

The dam is at N18.33.595 E100.56.148

This view will be different next trip as I estimate the water level will rise by at least 10 metres before capacity is reached

Not a lot of activity going on today

These workers appear to be absorbed in something, now I wonder what could possibly hold their interest near water

No prizes for guessing what it was

The turbines, this picture showed clear through the cameras screen but I guess its too far for the flash

A final shot of the earth dam

The 1243 and you are never far from a curve in Nan province

The Wa just before it reaches the dam

Lovely scenery for mid march

I take a turn for the Ban Phrom reservoir and just before it I came across this

The Ban Phrom reservoir at N18.43.082 E100.59.873

I am standing on the overflow so its a few metres down now, from here its back to Nan the way I left

I go to Tonys Place to eat and Tony is giving his mate a lift with this large suitcase

Off they go

Half a honey roast chicken, a double portion of saute potatoes and gravy for 149 Baht
Get the gdb file here …

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