Mar 242011

The route 1080, 1097, 3029, 1291

Total distance 187 km

Todays trip was supposed to explore a road heading east from Thung Chang that shows on both my Thinknet map plus the gps, I head north on the 1080 taking the old 1080 to the west when they split in two

I take an unnumbered small road to the left of the 1080 and along here theres lots of tobacco growing

You had better get out here quickly Kevin as there are some rather large fish in the river

The freshly chopped tobacco leaves being put out to dry

The mountains beckon and I turn right onto a narrow unnumbered road at N19.23.429 E100.52.711 which according to my map/gps should run to the 4017

At N19.23.321 E100.53.453 there is a track that goes off to my left but its unpaved, looks steep and will be explored next trip, this was the road that I wanted to try out.

I ride on along this asphalt road that doesnt show on my gps but it abruptly turns to a dirt track at N19.22.850 E100.53.534

This can also be explored next trip

Riding back along the 1080 I take a left onto the 3029 which leads to the 1291

I turn right onto the 1291 and ride back to the 1080 then its back to Nan

Time to try a massage

N18.46.870 E100.46.127

150 Baht for 1 hour or 250 Baht for two hours, I had an enjoyable 2 hour massage here

Finally Tonys Place has pizzas on the menu, 169 Baht for this lovely pizza
Get the gdb file here …

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