Mar 252011

The route 1168, 2035, 3037, 2033, 3223, 3069, 3012, 3026, 4005, 1243

Total distance 138 km

It was a cloudy overcast much cooler day when I left this morning and at times it looked like rain but thankfully it stayed dry.
I headed out on the 2035 to see a couple of small reservoirs that I found using the gps

First stop was the Nam Kaen reservoir at N18.43.460 E100.51.254

Next stop was the Nam Kian reservoir at N18.45.202 E100.51.123

These two had caught a few small ones

I ride a number of small side roads that meander through villages, this temple was in one of them

A very friendly dog comes running around me

The dogs smiling owner

At N18.39.032 E100.49.835 I take a left onto this dirt track hoping to ride to the Huai Lapmuan Phuan reservoir, but I could find no track to it so turned around and rode back to the asphalt road

Now I am on the lovely bendy 4005

Along the 1168 just past Mae Charim and these teens are swimming in this small reservoir

I take a left onto the 2035 and ride to a village about 15 km further on, the road runs on just outside the village in two different directions, the paved surface finishing at N18.45.260 E100.53.356 and N18.44.642 E100.53.269 respectively then carrying on as dirt tracks, my gps shows nothing here so the only way to know where they go is to explore them

A bit of burning going on today

Now to ride back along the twisty 2035

Its my first time on a lot of these roads today and I look forward to riding them again next trip, today wraps up my weeks stay here and its back to Chiang Mai tomorrow to start to prepare for the trip back to the UK

Two burgers and fries at Tonys Place for 208 Baht tonight

Get the gdb file here …

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